”Woe to he who enters the Woodlands, be he not pure and innocent at heart. He shalt know his days be numbered.”

/Ancient scrolls of Thyan



08-04-23: A life sign! Updated Woodlands progress.


06-12-26: I GRADUATED!! Now I can finally call myself a civil engineer! Here is my master thesis!

Frank the Farmhand

06-04-12: Updated Woodlands progress. Also a new screenshot!


06-08-02: Updated Woodlands progress. And updated the second sketch to the complete background.

Rollin' Rampage

06-06-16: Updated Woodlands progess diary.

Edward's Quest



FovArt Prod. make computer-games. We've been around since mid 90:s under a variety of names (AMJ-games, Nazca Soft etc.). We've made games using Qbasic, Klik n' Play, TGF, DarkBasic and are now using AGS. 

FovArt is made up of me, Mattias Jeppsson. I'm a 24 year old civil engineer and PhD student (nano electronics) who just doesn't know anything better to do with my spare time than to make adventure games.

How I make backgrounds

Download old games

Fathead Rollin' rampage Edward's quest



AGS - Adventuregame-programming language.

DarkBasic - 3d-game-programming language

Sun - home of Java. - A great c++ resource


R.O.N. - a great FREE adventuregame-series

Y-TOON - a friend of mines great Flash-movies

newgrounds - A LOT of flashmovies

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