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05-04-18: Released version 1.1 of Part 2. Read change-list below.    
05-03-30: Released Part 2. Download it now!! "The Salty Sea" and its inhabitants. (Part1)
05-03-08: Updates on Progress and reported current events.
05-02-25: Updates on Progress and reported current events.
05-01-21: Updates on Progress and reported current events. New Screenshot.
Frank the Farmhand  stars the young farmhand Frank from southern Texas, who one day finds that his physics professor has gone missing, and that some mysterious black-clad agents are looking for the professor. What he doesn't know is that he's about to unweil a conspiracy more sinister than he could ever imagine. A conspiracy involving the american president, religious fanatics, middle-eastern terrorists and some surfdudes. He will travel around the world trying desperately to save both his neck and the world itself. Frank visiting the school's bathroom, and contemplating about the broken booth.(Part1)
A caribbean village.(Part2)
Whole Game In a cave.(Part2)
Storyline and puzzles 66%
Graphics 66%
Playable rooms: 37 of ?
Characters: 27 of ?
Parts done: 2 of 3 At an archeological dig.(Part2)
Nbr of peacocks killed in frustration: 784
Part 2 (DONE!)
Storyline and puzzles 100%
Playable rooms: 19 of 19 a military camp and a bunker.(Part2)
Cutscene rooms: 6 of 6
Characters 10 of 10
Songs: 11 of 11 
Part 1 (DONE!)

A room of pain! (Part2)

Playable rooms: 19 of 19
Characters 17 of 17
Songs: 12 of 12 
What's going on right now
The previous week my beta-testers have played part 2 and given me their thoughts on how to improve the game. I've done some adjustments, fixed some bugs and now finally after one year in production it's time to release it!!

Go on and download it and enjoy!! 

Latest version (Part 2 version 1.1)
Changes since version 1.0:
* Fixed some missing room interactions.
* Cleaned up some dialogs.
* Added options to some dialogs.
* Made rope-hotspot larger.
* Fixed lots and lots of grammar-mistakes (Thanks to Steve McCrea)
* Changed icon to be consistent with part 1's icon.


Latest version (Part 1 version 1.03)

A new version has been released because people have found some minor but still stupid bugs in the game. it fixes this:

040511: Fixes since 1.02
* Crash when using disguise again.
* Enabled anti-aliasing for those you want to use it.

040419: Fixes since 1.01
* Crash when giving inventory to cleaning lady
* Any object on shoppingbag doesn't work any more (Sorry! Muahaha.)
* Some grammatic errors fixed
* Icons for the exe and setup added

040414: Fixes since 1.00
* the spreading legs in dialogs is fixed
* A rare fatal error when looking at trash fixed
* Bug when using knife on Frank fixed