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2006-09-20: Updated progress diary, and a new screenshot. Updated progress.

2006-08-02: Updated sketch to complete background. Updated progress.

2006-06-16: Updated progress diary.

2006-06-04: Updated sketch to complete background. Updated progress.

2006-05-23: Updated progress diary. Added two new sketches.

2006-04-12: Updated progress diary and progress list. And added a new screenshot.

2006-03-04: Updated progress diary and progress list. And added a new screenshot.

2006-02-12: Updated progress diary and progress list.

2005-12-20: Updated progress diary and progress list.

2005-10-17: Released the demo of Woodlands!! Download it here! 

2005-09-29: Updated progress diary

2005-09-17: Updated progress diary

2005-07-15: Announced the game to the world. Also added three screenshots.

2005-04-26: Wrote Story, edited news look

2005-04-25: Created homepage. Decided name of game. Drawn the second background (both day and night)

In a distant corner of the world, where no man has ever gone, lies an old and great forest. It is a magical place tended to by nirils;.the forest spirits. The nirils are ruled by Nergal, the most beautiful and powerful of the spirits. It is because of Nergal that the woodlands are free of the nasty creatures that roam the rest of the world. It is because of Nergal the creatures of the forest can lead their lives in peace, unknowing and happy. Until now that is.

Because Nergal has suddenly disappeared. And without the blessed powers of the spirit, evil is seeping into the forest. The inhabitants are starting to argue, plot against eachother and steal. And a man has appeared in the woodlands. A short man with nasty creatures in tow. And he is threatening the woodlanders demanding gold and other valuables in return for his protection. 

You are Tom, a solitary creature who lives in the outskirts of the forest. When the mysterious man comes to demand payment, Tom refuses and the man responds by burning Tom's house to the ground. Furious Tom swears to rid the woodlands of the intruder and get his revenge.


Progress Diary

 2006-09-20: A long time since the last update. But now I have something to report, though. I have done two new backgrounds, complete with the characters in them and the puzzles (very graphical). All together I have drawn aorund 80 frames of animation. I have also programmed the puzzles, and written dialog, fixed bugs and made a new load/save gui which required a bit of tinkering. I thought long about whether to show another screenshot or not, but finally I decided to do so. The new screenshot is the house and garden of a very important character in the game. What's with the bunnies, you say. Well, wait and see...


Screenshots & Sketches


Woodlands Demo



Story: 99 %

Graphics: 75 %

  1. Backgrounds: 9 left
  2. Cut-scenes: 2 left

Sound and Music: 15 %

Animation: 65 %


Diary Archive

2006-08-02: This has been Sweden's warmest and sunniest summer in a hundred years, so the time I've spent indoors is short. But I have some somethings since last time: I finished up the marchee village, with cut scenes and dialogs, have drawn two of three backgrounds of the last village, a third background is half done. I also made some animations for the inhabitants of the last village. I have recorded some sounds, as well as fixing a couple of bugs. So although things aren't going super fast, it is going forward at a steady pace. I have updated the sketch of the second village to the real complete background (see below). 

2006-06-16: I have now finished designing and animating the creatures of the swamp, which live in that village on poles seen in the swamp screenshot. I have also completed the cut scene between day 1 and 2 as well as drawn the close up background of the swamp village, put all the characters in and created some REALLY cool fire effects that I just know you will love. ;)

Besides this I have written a couple of long complex dialogs which are quite crucial to the story. They still need polishing, but that is the way it always is when I am writing dialogs. I always go back, test new things, correct errors and so on.

I also made a map which you can use to go back to places you have visited before. I decided it would be wise to have such a function since the forest is quite a big place, and you might need to go back and forth many times to solve some puzzles (hint?). Without shortcuts that would become boring I think.

The next step will be to complete the swamp village (1 more background) and then start on the mountain village (3 backgrounds). All the forest backgrounds are now finished so you can actually go through the whole of the Woodlands now.


2006-05-23: It was over a month since my last update, and I have been waiting to get something big to show, but I thought that I have to give you something NOW, big or small. This month I have completed a lot of the puzzles of the first day, well in fact ALL puzzles. I also made the cut sequence that end the first day, but I didn't quite finish it before starting to draw new backgrounds for Day two. In day one you keep to the west side of the Woodland stream. But in the second day you will be able to cross the river and several new areas will be available, among which are two villages with new characters to interact with. All but one of the woodland rooms for the east side of the river is already done, and right now I'm painting the last of them. I have made sketches of the two different villages, which I showcase below (I decided that right now). So the next things I have to do is to finish the cutscene  I've been working on (about 1-2 hours of work) and then start putting color on the village sketches.

Last weekend I visited my family's summerhouse (a 150 year old house in the woods), to relax and record sounds for Woodlands. I made a list of sounds I needed before I left home and returned with almost all of the sounds I needed. Woodlands is starting to sound great, from birds singing and wind blowing in the trees, to interaction sound effects like climbing trees and bouncing balls... 

All in all, the game is coming along fine, although I once again have an exam coming up that I have to study for, leaving precious little time for game making. Some people hoped for a summer release...All I can say is that I will work hard on the game this summer . Whether I will finish it or not, is to early to say. Probably not.


2006-04-12: Well, my exams are over and now I've started doing my diploma project (in "Lattice mismatched epitaxy" (nanoscience for those who don't have a clue what the previous statement means) ). But I'm also working on the game of course. Lately I've done some dialogs, implemented a few puzzles and drawn a completely new scene and a new character. See the screenshot below.

The scene is by the Woodland stream, a river that divides the Woodlands in two. There's a little furry creature that lives in the dead tree, who collects all kinds of shiny things for his collection.

I'm still striving to complete the first day as soon as I can, but I still have a few more animations to do. I'm thinking about releasing the first day as a demo, but I haven't decided yet.


2006-03-04: Once again it's time for my exams, so now I have had a few days to work on Woodlands. ;)

No, but seriously I have been doing a lot on the game lately. I've drawn and programmed a huge amount of animations and puzzles, as well as written a new song and also completed a new background which I showcase below. It is the barn  in the junie village, and the creature you see is called a dow (for now at least). 

Next I will try to finish up the last puzzles of day one, and then about half of the game is done. Well, graphically even more is finished, so I gather the game'll be more like 65 % done after day one. 

And of course I'll try to read some laserphysics and c++ programming in between. ;)


2006-02-12: A long time has gone by since my last update. The reason has been two things. One, I haven't had much time over to write an update since school is more time-consuming than ever. Two, I don't want to tell you too much about what the game is about (it would spoil the surprises).  But now I feel that it is time to tell you all some of what I'm doing just to make sure you don't think I've died or worse; GIVEN UP! ;)

The past months I've put a lot of time into putting things together into something playable. I had already made lots of backgrounds and characters but I had not made interactions or dialogs. But now I've done several dialogs, implemented two major puzzles (with several sub-puzzles). 

These puzzles include quite a lot of animation so that is another field that I've put effort into. I've drawn about 70-100 frames of character animation these past months. And I can tell you, it's looking great! (I can't show it though since it would give away the solutions to the puzzles). 

Besides that I've also made three new songs for different scenes, I've drawn two new backgrounds and made sketches of another six. 

So what is the status of the game right now? When will it be released? The game is slowly coming together. I've planned it well, so much of the heavy graphics are already done. I'm almost completely done with about half of the game, and will be able reuse much graphics for the second half. So when, then? Give us a date! I dare not set a date, as yet. Mostly because it is still a lot to do, and I will begin work on my Master's thesis next month which may or may not shave even more time of my freetime. But as soon as I feel I'm ready to give an estimate I will let you know.

2005-12-20: My finals are over (well at least for a while, I got two more in january) and christmas is coming closer everyday. I'm waiting for my new computer to arrive. I got it from my parents on my birthday but it still hasn't been delivered (damn DELL!). 

On the topic of Woodlands: I've done a few more backgrounds since last time, and I'm ready to implement a few of the puzzles now! I also made a long animation of Tom climbing a tree, which took a lot of tweaking to get right.

Right now I'm gonna start with the puzzles and then I'll make another background (the lair of the nirils, for those who've played the demo). Then it's time to make another cutscene. I look forward to start gamemaking for real now that I have some free time again!

2005-12-08: Phew! A hard semester is almost over. I've been trying to get time to work on the game the last months, but it hasn't been easy! Still, I've  done quite a lot! 20 rooms are done which is almost all the forest scenes (four remaining). I've released a demo (which I believe you all tried out. If not then do so right NOW!) and finished some music and some of Tom's animations. Now I have to focus on my exams for a week and then it's christmas!! Which means time for Woodlands!!!!

2005-09-29: The last month much has happened. I've drawn and colored two more backgrounds. I didn't get to implementing any puzzles like I said I would, but I've made a lot of character animation. Mostly several junie-characters (the ones dancing in the second picture). I've made a few new songs, but the most important things I've done is that I've put together most of the rooms I've finished. So at the moment you can take a stroll through the woodlands, listen to the birds singing and watch an occasional  "dow" eating grass. 

So what's next? Right after writing this text I thought I should write some dialogs. Then the next time I get time I'll make another two important backgrounds. Then, I can start with the first puzzles. But it's coming along very fine. And I'm making a lot of back-ups to make sure it keeps going that way. ;)

2005-09-17: The last month I've been busy vacationing with my girlfriend. But I've also found a lot of time to work on Woodlands. 

I've recorded a lot of sounds and painted three new backgrounds. I've done two new songs. I've also drawn and animated Hilbot the evil Wizard and one of his goons. The last weeks I've been working on the intro sequence. I've animated all of a ten second flash-movie and also made an important dialog with the villain. I've almost completed the intro-sequence now, and will move on to implement the first puzzles.


2005-07-15: During the past two months I have completed writing the story and all the puzzles. I can't reveal any of the puzzles right now obviously, but I think I've outdone myself this time. ;)

I've also completed Tom's walking and talking animations. Since he can have four different moods, there's quite a lot of animation. He can be normal, angry, afraid and explaining. 

I've completed four backgrounds, where two of them are both day and night scenes. And one dialog is also complete. 

I was at my family's summerhouse in the middle of the forest this week, and while I was there I recorded many different forestsounds, as birds singing, bees flying, and crickets playing. I've edited the sounds and inserted them as ambient sounds in the game, and it sounds lovely!!

I've drawn about ten other backgrounds on paper so the next thing I'll be doing is getting some of them into the computer and colour them.